Daily Use Series   Go Shiny
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Go Shiny
Size: 20×23cm ± 1cm
Material: 100% microfibre
Go Shiny Wipes for Precision Technology Products
3C/Music/Home Wipes for Your Daily Life Use
High technology micriofibre that cleans well and removes dust and oil stains in no time.

1/200th the diameter of a human hair. Easily remove fingerprints, dust, and oil without leaving a trace of lint. Uses:Can be used to clean 3C technology products, CDs, vinyl records, cellphones, cameras, glasses, lenses, piano finish surfaces, violins, saxophones, musical instrument etc. It is your first choice of cleaning your valuable items. It brings out better results when used in damp condition. Wipe Gently. No detergent needed. No trace of lint. Can be washed in water.

Wash with pH neutral detergents,traditional black soap works best. Do not use fabric softener or bleach to avoid damaging the fibers.

100% Microfibre
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